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About the CEO Forum

CEO Forum General Overview Brochure

The CEO Forum recognizes the unique needs and interests of Female Executives. We, therefore, offer tailored and customized opportunities of engagement for meaningful, confidential, and safe relational connections. Our seasoned, well-trained, and dynamic team of Melissa Harrison and Dr. Jackie Halstead are solely dedicated to facilitating these desired connections.

“I’ve found my unicorns”.  Up until this time, our Female Executives expressed that they had always been the ONLY in the room: the only woman, the only Christian, and/or the only person of color at this level in her organization and professional world. The CEO Forum Female Executive initiative allows us to bring these women together and enable them to be surrounded by other likeminded peers.

Female Executive Forum Monthly Calls – Our Female Executive members meet monthly via Zoom.  Here they receive encouragement, support, and wise counsel equipping them in their spiritual leadership development. The goal is to build community, do life together, and be spiritually renewed and refreshed in their spiritual walk/life.

Annual Female Retreat – This provides an opportunity for our Female Executive members to come together for a weekend of fellowship, teaching, prayer, and spiritual renewal.

Spiritual Leadership Institute – Core Class

This course is an intensive deep-dive into what God’s Word has to say on leadership. Students will experience God through a personal relationship with Him on a journey to Spirit-led servant leadership in the home, the church, and the global marketplace.

Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in the CEO Forum. You can formally apply for membership into the ministry and mission of the CEO Forum by clicking the button. We hope to hear from you soon.


The CEO Forum is a 501(c)(3) educational organization fully funded by annual member contributions of at least $17,000, which supports our ministry programs and operations. As noted within the membership application, a tax-deductible contribution of $17,000 is made at the time of acceptance into the CEO Forum and continues annually for as long as the relationship between the CEO Forum and the member exists.

While the $17,000 annual contribution is a minimum expectation, our members also financially support our mission by contributing additional resources to sustain the immediate and long-term work of the CEO Forum.

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