Next Generation participants are:

  • High performing business leaders (advancing in the workplace, influential, committed)
  • Fall within the range of 30-45 years of age (exceptions require prior approval)
  • Desire to build safe, secure, deep spiritual relationships with Christ-following, high performing Next Gen leaders across the world

    As an impact initiative of CEO Forum, our programs are designed to disciple high performing next generation business leaders so more employees may experience the touch of God. As a Next Generation leader, you will have access to an exclusive community focused on Biblical leadership and discipleship.

    Pathways to Engage


    Spiritual Leadership Institute

    3 Year ENTRUST Cohort

    Next Cohort Launching 2025

    This course is an intensive deep-dive into what God’s Word has to say on leadership, specifically tailored to the challenges and issues that Next Generation leaders face. Students will experience God through a personal relationship with Him on a journey to Spirit-led servant leadership in the home, the church, and the global marketplace.

    Over 3 years, students will meet in person for 10 sessions with their cohort and faculty to discuss the 3 areas of focus: Called by God, Conformed by God, and Commissioned by God. The course culminates with a presentation made by students, “My Life as a Spiritual Leader of Influence in the Marketplace.”

    2024 ENTRUST Conference

    Annual Event

    Thursday, February 1 – Friday, February 2, 2024

    ENTRUST is an exclusive and intimate spiritual leadership development conference, created by bringing the wisdom, faith, family values, and invaluable business experience of Christian CEOs and senior executives of major corporations to the next generation of emerging, high-potential professionals.

    This is more than just a conference; this is an opportunity to instill vision and courage in you to advance the Kingdom of God in your homes and global marketplace.

    ENTRUST is limited to only 50 Christ-following Next Generation leaders.

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