Boaz: A Leader Among Leaders

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Boaz was a leader among leaders – a business man who was a steward of society, using the resources within his power to provide justice for the people. As he entered the fields each morning he greeted his workers with “The Lord be with you.” They replied, “The Lord Bless You.” (Ruth 2:4)

One day he noticed someone among his people – a stranger in need. He asked his manager about her. Her story compelled Boaz to provide safe opportunity for her to glean the fields for herself and her mother-in-law Naomi. Overwhelmed by his kindness she said, “You have put me at ease by speaking kindly to me even though I do not have the standing of one of your servants.” (Ruth 2:13)

His kindness resulted in his acquisition of the family estate and her provision for a lifetime. Through his eventual marriage to Ruth, Boaz became the father of Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David. (Ruth 2:16)

In similar fashion, our Chick-fil-A friends, through continually nourishing a faith-driven culture of care for others, find themselves in the news with more than one million followers. Please enjoy the story below AND may YOU be encouraged to:

  1. Notice those in need among you
  2. Learn their story
  3. Provide for them
  4. Speak kindly and say, “The Lord bless you.”
I took Stella to Chick-fil-A today. It's our normal daddy/daughter spot. It's clean, so good, and the playground has a tractor beam on her the moment she sees it. When we finished eating and she'd worked up her dessert appetite playing with the other kids, we went back to trade in her toy for ice cream. She wanted to sit at a table to eat the cone (something we usually do in the truck), and I'm so glad she did. We took a booth right next to the spot where you wait for your drink to be "refreshed," and we had a front row seat to this beautiful scene: a homeless traveler had walked in and asked if they had any extra food. Mud was wet and caked on his well-traveled shoes. His hair was matted, and his beard wasn't a statement as much as it was a necessity and a sign that he doesn't get to shave as often as most of us do. People near him kept their distance, but that didn't stop him from being kind. He spoke to people who reluctantly spoke back, and he smiled while he waited on a manager. All I could pick up on of the conversation was the manager saying that he'd love to give him a full, warm meal--not just scraps or extras--, and the only thing he required was that the man let him pray with him.

After the homeless man agreed, there was no waiting for things to die down, there was no scooting anyone to the side. As busy as they were, the manager stopped then and there, laid his hand on the man, and proceeded to pray. I heard love in that prayer. The homeless man wasn't some untouchable stain on business. He was the reason that store opened its doors this morning (or any morning). I asked Stella to watch and she stared. She asked what was happening and when I told her, she bowed her head, too.

I realized then and there that Chick-fil-A doesn't simply do business for profits, they truly use business to minister. In a time when companies are trying to win in the market by neutralizing any possibility of offense, CFA is thriving because they unwaveringly cling to their principles and purpose. I love teaching my daughter life lessons, and I also love being there to watch other Christians teach her life lessons. Thank you, Chick-fil-A, for taking care of the latter today.

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